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Web Design,Web Development,SEO,Web Hosting

Research – Analysis

Analysing the customer needs is perhaps the most important basis for developing an effective website.

Analyzing the competition, the needs, the possibilities and expectations of the customer, weoffer new, modern directions for your enterprise, while creating new opportunities for its development.


Web Design – Unique Graphic Design

Every website we create is unique, like your enterprise! For this reason we do not use blueprints but we design every website from scratch, based on your needs and standards.

The design process includes all the necessary stages, from the development of the logo to the complete presentation of your website.

By creating a unique design for your website, our aim is to promote your business services.

Website development – CMS

We design and develop your website based on your own needs! Using the latest technologies in the field of online programming, we create fast and modern websites, aiming to provide the best possible experience for the visitor.

All the websites we create are supported by any device (mobile phone, computer or tablet) and are based on the latest, modern versions of programming languages, script, query & markup languages ​​such as: HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP / C#, Javascript/JQuery and MySQL.

Through the presence of a content management system (CMS), we also provide all our customers with the ability to easily create new pages and articles, categories, new users, and the ability to edit all the details of the website.


Website Optimization in Search Engines – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the key elements of a web page is to optimize your content for the search engines (eg Google, Yahoo, etc.) or else SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As every company has not the same audience or target, this process plays a particularly important role in the success of your website. A successful website is not the one that has traffic but the one that has high traffic from the “right” audience.

Our goal is to promote your website, through the latest SEO practices and the most effective promotional and advertising techniques (Ads, Newsletters, Social Networks, etc.).

Web Hosting

Creating a good website would be nothing without the appropriate hosting services and management.

The high response rate of your website will play an important role in your website’s classification in the results of search engines. For that reason all our websites are hosted on modern servers, providing security and reliability (99% uptime), with no restrictions!

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