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Why is Responsive Web Design important?

Why is Responsive Web Design important?


Each site has its own needs and therefore require different functions and features to succeed in its field. But regardless of the various functions and needs, there is a feature that plays the most important role in all websites and this is none other than Responsive Design!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design allows the layout of your site to change, so your site adapts to any screen resolution, making it easy to read by the visitor.

On a large screen, for example, we can have many columns of text, while the same text in a mobile device should be adapted to a single column, appropriately adapting all other elements (text size, images, buttons, etc.) to be easily readable by the visitor.

Perhaps the most important feature of a website

As the visitors of your site can choose between many different devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, monitors) that exist, your site must be able to adapt to each one of them. If you do not succeed, then you are almost certainly lost a potential customer.

For this reason, we at Interactive, are aware of the importance of responsive web design and thus we implement it to all the websites we create!

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