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HTTP / 2 is here!

HTTP / 2 is here!


http-2-comparisonHTTP/2 is a major upgrade of the HTTP network protocol used on the World Wide Web.

The original HTTP / 1.1 protocol was designed in 1999 and a lot have been changed since. Prior to HTTP / 2, Google presented its own protocol (SPDY), which brought significant improvements and was the protocol on which HTTP / 2 was based. In 2016, SPDY,was deprecated, giving its place to HTTP / 2 that brought significant improvements in efficiency, security and speed.

Advantages of HTTP / 2

  • Single Connection: Only one connection to the server is used to load the web page. The link remains open for as long we visiting the website.
  • Multiplexing: Multiple requests that run simultaneously on the same unique connection, as opposed to HTTP / 1.x that used a request per connection.
  • Server Push: Additional resources are sent to the client for future use before requested.
  • Binary: Data transfer is done in a server-friendly form and thus it is faster and more efficient.
  • Header Compression: Compressing headers is another way of reducing the load as opposed to the older protocol.


Most browsers fully support the new protocol.


Faster and more secure websites!

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