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Dirty Cow - A serious Linux kernel vulnerability

Dirty Cow - A serious Linux kernel vulnerability


"Dirty Cow" is a serious vulnerability in the Linux kernel, that was recently discovered, and it seems to exist for more than nine years (since version 2.6.22, which became available in September 2007). If you are using any version of Linux or Android released in the last decade, it is likely to be vulnerable to a possible attack that exploits this vulnerability.

Something like that, though, would give the opportunity to a hacker to access your entire system!

Although the problem was addressed and corrected for the versions 4.426, 4.7.9, 4.8.3 and the latest of them, it would be more than necessary to check your system.

We, at Interactive Net Solutions,  applied all the necessary updates on our servers, directly, ensuring their secure operation.

You can read more about "Dirty Cow" here.

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